TripAdvisor says that MODERN is the 3rd best pizza in America!


I argue all the time with people that Modern is the best pizza in America. At least, New Haven, and it's not even close to the other famous ones.

TripAdvisor agrees. Here's their top 10:

Top Ten Best Pizzerias in America

  1. Regina Pizzeria -  Boston, MA
  2. Bleecker Street Pizza -  New York City, NY
  3. Modern Apizza – New Haven, CT
  4. Home Slice Pizza – Austin, TX
  5. Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria – Anchorage, AK
  6. Juliana's Pizza – Brooklyn, NY
  7. Five Points Pizza – Nashville, TN
  8. Joey's House of Pizza – Nashville, TN
  9. Andolini's Pizzeria – Tulsa, OK
  10. Duetto Pizza and Gelato – Key West, FL 


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