This bro from Ansonia robbed a bank to impress Taylor Swift

Sometimes, you just can't make these things up. And this is the perfect example of something that you'd never think would happen.... but did. Right here in our backyard in the picturesque enclave of Derby.

According to WTNH, 26 year old Bruce Rowley of Ansonia robbed the Webster Bank in Derby last week, confessing to the crime and stating that he took the money that he robbed from the bank to Taylor Swift's Watch Hill, Rhode Island home, and threw it over the fence in order to impress her. 

1. Do you think a bank in Connecticut would have enough money to impress freaking Taylor Swift?

2. Writing a song and tweeting at her every single day might have better odds of scoring a date than making it rain 20 dollar bills with bank dye on them at her mansion. 

No word on whether him and T-Swizzle have a hot date. Who knows... she might be into bank robbers after the luck she's had with dudes, right? 



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