Hanson Has A Party Anthem for Santa's Workshop


Finally it's Christmas! No, really. Not only is Christmas here this month, but it's also the title of Hanson's brand new Christmas album. Finally It's Christmas is the brother band's first holiday album in 20 years, since 1997's Snowed In.

To spread the holiday cheer even more this year, Hanson has Guest DJ'd their own holiday station on iHeartRadio called Hanson Holiday Radio. On this completely holiday-themed station, fans can hear songs like Frank Sinatra's "Jingle Bells," Idina Menzel's "Baby It's Cold Outside," everyone's favorite "The Chipmunk Song," Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and so much more. The station also includes songs from Snowed in, and their brand new holiday album Finally It's Christmas.

One of the new songs on Hanson's Finally It's Christmas is "Til New Year's Night," which according to the band is basically a party anthem for Santa's Workshop for the time in between Christmas and New Year's. Hey, Santa and his crew have to celebrate all of the toy-making somehow. They tell fans via Hanson Holiday Radio:

"It's all about the party that happens at Santa's workshop after the Christmas kickoff all the way til New Year's night. It's a little bit of throwback rock and roll inspired by Chuck Berry."


Check out what else you can hear on Hanson Holiday Radio:

Isaac on his most vivid Christmas memory and what he wanted for Christmas as a kid (spoiler alert, IT'S LEGOS):

"I have to tell you about a Christmas memory I always have every single year, no matter what. It takes me back to when I was eight years old, and I remember very clearly, my mom would always put on the Perry Como Christmas album. And the Perry Como Christmas album starts with a song called 'There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays.' Yes, it is a classic, '50s, big band, crooner record, but it's great. At least, I think it's great. This takes me back to those young years of Christmas holidays, and excitement about how many legos I would potentially get for Christmas."

Isaac on making their version of The Beach Boys' "Little Saint Nick" more rock and roll:

"One of the greatest vocal and pop bands of all time, one of the best songwriters of all time, none other than Brian Wilson. This song was one that we did on our first Christmas record Snowed In. What was fun about this was when you're making a record, and you're covering other people's songs, you feel like you have to make sure to make them your own. That you can't just, shall we say, carbon copy yourself onto someone else's version. And we really grew up listening to a lot of '50s and early '60s rock and roll, and this song kind of gets you into that place in a way that other songs don't. But we wanted to make it even more ruckus, even more rock and roll, even more aggressive. And so, I don't think anybody has done 'Little Saint Nick' quite the way we did back in 1997." 


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