Meet Laverne & Shirley!

This is a courtesy post from THANK DOG RESCUE Facebook page.

Let's help find these babies homes! As stated below, they do not need to be adopted together.

They are at the Bloomfield CT shelter <3 Adopt don't shop!


If you follow animal rescue on Facebook, by now you’ve probably seen the story of Hope, the emaciated dog who is now making an incredible recovery after being found as skin and bones. We’ve all fallen in love with this sweet girl and her incredible resiliency. The sad reality is that Hope's story is something that happens at shelters across our state. Recently a local rescue pulled a sweet boy from Hartford, another is currently recovering in Westport, we’ve had others come through our rescue from other shelters in the state – it’s not acceptable and yet it keeps happening. We are incredibly grateful for the ACOs who deal with these situations on a daily basis and keep showing up and loving these dogs. Hope is a prime example of that!

We want to bring attention to two other sweet dogs that have battled back from this type of neglect and are currently waiting for their chance at happiness. Laverne and Shirley (as the shelter volunteers call them) were found dumped and extremely sick. Laverne (the grey dog) was unable to stand and Shirley (tan) was draped over her to protect her and keep her warm. Laverne was carried out and had a body temperature below 80, so low that it took some time to get a read. Shirley was in slightly better shape but still emaciated. They were rushed to the ICU were Laverne spent several days recovering. After being fed 4 meals a day, while recovering in the pound, they are both finally healing up and have gained their strength.

Despite all they’ve been through, these girls are sweethearts! Laverne is a true lover who wants nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch. She has a true gentleness about her and has a calmness that radiates out of her. She’s extremely tolerant of Shirley and has had no reaction to other dogs she’s seen through the kennels. Birds and squirrels don’t distract her on walks, she seems perfectly happy to coexist with everyone. She has a special soul about her.

Shirley is full of fun and loves to go for walks and play with toys (she’s very well behaved about it!). She has a more outgoing personality and has loved every person she’s met. Shirley loves to hop through the snow and always seems to have a goofy grin on her face. She’s a dog that makes you smile.

Both girls are estimated to be about 2 years old and need a place to go asap! They’ve earned the right to sleep on a warm couch, never worry about a meal again, and feel love. All they want is to love in return. While they do well together, Laverne and Shirley do NOT have to go to the same home. They’re not bonded and the most important thing is to get them out of the shelter and into homes as quickly as possible.

Please share these sweet girls so they can find their families. If you or anyone you know is interested in them, please email"



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