Frozen pizza is convenient but we all know it never tastes as good as the fresh kind.  However, frozen pizza can be made to taste more like a fresh pizza!

Here are a few simple tricks that can make a big difference:

• Cook the pizza right on the oven rack. Frozen dough is completely different than fresh. Any ice crystals on there just make it soggy. Forget the cookie sheet or pizza stone – slide that pizza right onto the rack for a crispier crust. You can put the cookie sheet on the lower rack if it’s a loaded pizza that might drip.

• Aerate the crust. Before you take the plastic off the pizza – flip it over and open the back. With a fork, poke some holes in there – it allows steam to escape from under the toppings for a firmer crust.

• Add toppings. Grating a little extra cheese or throwing some veggies or other ingredients on top of that frozen pizza gives it a much fresher flavor. You can also brush a little olive oil or garlic butter on the crust just before it’s finished cooking to kick it up a notch.