May 7th



It's the season of travel! If you're headed to a new city then a  Luxe City Guide is a must-have. They're small enough to fit in a shirt pocket but still contain hundreds of hand-selected entries of the best each city has to offer. LUXE City Guides are created from the recommendations of people who actually live in that city. They aren't ugly either, they each have a different stylish and modern design. I just want to buy a bunch of them because they're so pretty! They're only $9.99! And if you don't feel like carrying something around with you download the app for each city it's $5.99 and includes one year of free content updates! Happy travels!


There's a presale for a new device that I think is totally worth buying, the Junopower Most Portable Jump Starter. Using powerful lithium polymer battery cells it has a thin design that resembles a cell phone. Why is it so special? Well aside from charging your phone, and tablet it will also JUMP START YOUR CAR BATTERY. WHATTT!? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. But it’s true! This little guy won’t only keep you connected to the world but it will help you get from point A to point B if your car battery dies!