February 18th

Concerts, games, and events at venues can be so expensive sometimes. Instead of buying fake super expensive tickets from a scalper last minute use SeatGeek. Search by venue, performer, or event to get the best deal on tickets. SeatGeek searches all databases to find you the cheapest and best tickets for each event. You can track an event, favorite performer, or sports team and keep checking back to see if prices have dropped. Think of it as an Expedia for concerts! There's an app and it's free! Download for iPhone and Android.



There’s this great app for taking photos, Cycloramic. It’s taking the technology world by storm right now. It was on Shark Tank a few weeks ago and the creator got A LOT of money for it. It’s a new way to take panoramic, HANDSFREE photos. Stand your phone upright on a flat surface, it begins taking photos and turning ON ITS OWN using your phone’s vibrations! Your phone will turn 360 degrees and take a bunch of shots of the room and stich them together. Put it in the middle of the table and have your friends sit around it. You’ll have a full 360 photo of all of your friends! Since Cycloramic takes several photos choose from the individual photos and edit them too! Use it handheld to take shots of scenery or if you have an Android phone! It costs $1.99 for iPhone and Android.