August 22nd



Six-year-old, Sebastian, lives in Florida and is so obsessed with socks that he created his own line! While you’re back-to-school shopping check out you can get a 3-pack of fun designed socks for $15.00! They have girls and boys socks and I know that Danielle and Froggy’s kids all rock them! Next month Sebastian is going to visit Miami Children’s Hospital and give socks to kids! With keyword code ELVIS you will get 20% off your order!



Getting a parking ticket is the most annoying thing in the world and trying to fight them is such a pain in the butt. Download the free Fixed app and let them fight it for you. Fixed has created a team of experts that know the parking rules of every city inside and out. Upload a picture of your ticket, tell them why you want to fight the ticket and let them do the work. If Fixed wins for you they charge 25% of the fine, if they don’t you don’t pay anything! I know I could have used this plenty of times! Download here!