April 8th


Homemade products are my favorite. Dolly Moo hand makes body scrubs, oils, lip balm, feel good butters, and more! It’s such a feel-good company. The name Dolly Moo comes the grandmother of the two creators. She called them that as children. They later found out that Dolly Moo means “My Gift from God”. They created the company shortly after her passing and everything sort of fell in place. Along with this feel good story comes awesome products. They smell great and feel great. I am loving their Coconut Citrus Body Scrub. What I especially love about their scrubs is that it’s not just an exfoliator but it has a (good) oily feel to it, so it leaves your skin shiny and smooth. I’ve been shaving with their Vanilla Body Oil. After exfoliating with the scrub I use the oil instead of shaving cream to get my legs summer-ready! You can use the oil all over your body too! I’ve been carrying Dolly Moo’s Healing Butter in my purse, each sent is for something different. The one I have is Mint & Eucalpytus which is great for clearing sinuses (now that spring is here!), it helps with muscle pain, and nausea (great for my very-often hangovers!). I love finding companies with a great story AND a great product and Nicci and Amy have exactly that going on!


In college when people were doing it they would leave something like a sock on their door so you knew not to go in. Well Here are two apps that are the modern-day sock-on-the-door. Sock-It and Sendasock. With Sendasock you add your roommate to the app and set a time of how long the room will be occupied, the app will alert them! With Sock-it you click the heart signifying that you are doin’ it. It uses Bluetooth to alert people with the app, near your location not to enter your room! When all is doe, turn it off! If you’re going away for spring break these are must-have apps!