April 16th



Survival Cords are bracelets or key chains that are made out of paracord. Paracord is short for Parachute cord so I don’t need to emphasize how strong this material is. Survival Cords look just like cool bracelets (they come in 50 color variations and several styles!) but they are way more…they can be unraveled to be used in various situations. Simple situations like, you need to tie something to the roof of your car or something way more serious like were attacked by a bear who bit your leg and you need to use the paracord as a tourniquet! Survival Cords will replace your bracelet if you use it in a situation like this, just tell them your story!! I have one with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show colors! The company was created by a husband and wife who donate a large portion of their profits to various charities.  Right now they are donating 50% of proceeds from this bracelet to the The Wounded Warrior in Action Foundation.


I've been trying out this new 3D mascara from Younique. The process is a few steps, but if you get great results it's so worth it. It's important to know that everyone's results will differ when using it. One of the tubes is filled with little natural fibers and the other is a black Transplanting Gel. The fibers work to elongate the lashes which is different than how most mascaras work! I'm really bad at putting on false eyelashes so this is great for me! Younique's 3D mascara is water resistant yet it easily washes off. Here’s a tutorial video! Tip: do one eye at a time! There’s also tons of other makeup options, make sure you shop from our listeners Maureen and Jen who both sell for Younique. As well as Sami who sells from Miami!