surveyed 2,000 people what they consider to be their “guilty pleasure” while driving. And Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift take the top spot! It’s hard to resist Bruno and TSwift’s love songs. Following them is Lady Gaga and Journey.


30 percent said that the best car song is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Who can resist belting out at the top of their lungs when it comes on?! We know we can’t! It’s not surprising that Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was the second best car song.


What is even more interesting are the votes for worst car music! “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by The Baha Men was voted number one worst car song. It’s impossible not to get annoyed of that song, but it always ends up stuck in our heads. Not only was Taylor Swift voted a guilty pleasure but her song “We Are Never, Ever, Getting Back Together” had 25% of votes for worst music! We admit that we’re guilty of changing the station right when the song comes on. TSwift never holds back with bashing her boyfriends.



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