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Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo's life is going to be the subject of a new Fox comedy dubbed "DeTour."  

The Hollywood Reporter says the network handed out a put-pilot commitment to the show from "Psych" creator Steve Franks. 

"DeTour" follows a 30-something rock star who walks away from it all to rediscover the parts of his life he missed while he was becoming a superstar.  Cuomo took his own sabbatical from the rock star life eight years ago to finish his education at Harvard, live in the dorms, and even unsuccessfully try out for the school choir. 

The frontman eventually returned to Weezer, however, and now the band is set to release its ninth album Everything Will Be Alright in the End on October 7th. 

Meanwhile, a specific premiere date for "DeTour" has yet to be announced.  Franks is set to handle the show's script, but there's no word yet as to who might play the Cuomo-inspired lead character. 

Photo: Getty Images