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Jack White is trying to clarify a few things in the wake of a "Rolling Stone" cover story that featured comments about the Black Keys, Meg White, Adele, and others. 

The singer-guitarist reluctantly posted a long statement on his website this weekend apologizing to anyone he may have offended.  He explains that his so-called feud with the Black Keys started because his ex-wife's lawyers were trying to villainize him by making a private conversation public. 

But White says he wishes the duo "all the success that they can get."  He also says he never meant to slight his former White Stripes partner Meg White by revealing that they rarely talk anymore.  He calls her a "strong female presence in rock and roll" who he's "personally championed for 15 years." 

White adds that he also wishes no slight to the talents of Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Lana Del Rey, and Adele.  The women came up in his explanation of how "certain acts open up a market for a certain style."  But White says they "deserve all they've gotten," and he hopes they find even more success in the future.  He also says he finds it inspiring to have "powerful, positive female voices" speaking out and creating music in the mainstream. 

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