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KONGOS' single "Come With Me Now," off their album Lunatic, has been climbing the alt charts. The song was recently used by ESPN during the Bowl Championships, and the guys have been busy on the road touring.

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Get to know the guys behind "Come With Me Now" - Johnny, Jesse, Dylan, and Daniel - A.K.A. KONGOS. ("No relation to Cheick Kongo, the conga drum, the Kongo people of Africa, Donkey Kong, Kongos Norman, Kongos pizza, Kongos Club in Oklahoma,, Kat Kongos, Lasse Kongos, the japanese class of battleship or Kevin Bacon.")

1. They are brothers! 

2. According to their website, each letter of their band name stands for something: K" for Cool, "O" for Awesome, "N" for Knowledge, "G" for Jenius, "O" for Artistic, "S" for spelling.

3. They are of Greek origin.

4. Their father John Kongos is also a musician, and is best known for his 1971 Top 10 hit single, "He's Gonna Step On You Again."

5. They grew up in London and South Africa, but now are based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

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If you haven't already, check out their song "Come With Me Now" below!